The Story

Our service is for the entrepreneur because it’s who we know. We have built businesses for over 20 years. We understand the challenges, risks and rewards and we know how passionate and driven you are to make your business succeed because we share your passion.

Building a business is a non-stop series of challenges to do more with less. Resources are scarce and none so scarce as cash. How are you going to buy the things you need to grow? To hire? To put something aside for the lean times? It’s the first thing we think of in the morning and the last thing before bed. It’s what wakes us up at 4am.

Joining the exchange gives you a way to acquire the things you need without spending cash. It’s a way to use excess inventory, spare resources, extra capacity, those few unused products or services that have a small incremental cost and use them at their full retail value as a way to buy the things you want or need. For the cost of the next main course, jar of jam or few hours of design time you can buy that additional freezer, get help with your social media or spiff your employees all from the new customers we send you.

We aren’t the first to think of barter. Most of us have been using it opportunistically from the start. What’s different is having a way to sell what you have to whomever needs it but get value from whomever has what you need all while getting full retail value for what you make. We aren’t the first barter exchange. We are the only local Portland exchange focused exclusively on helping great local businesses grow and prosper. We aren’t the first to use the internet to connect businesses. We are the first to put the entire exchange in an app so that it is always available for anything from a quick cup of coffee to a big strategic purchase.

Building a community of local businesses is a way to keep the dollars local. If a business can buy local and save cash, it’s a no-brainer. This makes it a little easier to acquire customers and strengthen the small business community putting more dollars in your customer’s pockets that can be spent at your business.

Providing a service to entrepreneurs like us means going way beyond the basics. We understand we need to be there when you are looking to solve a problem. That’s why you can reach your broker when you need them. We know that “no” is just not an acceptable answer. That’s why we will find a way to say “yes” if there is any way possible. We understand that we are here to help. That’s why the first line of our values is “be of service.”