Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

Questions relating to how to barter, why barter and the mechanics of a transaction.

A barter exchange removes the requirement that the parties trading want what the other has. Members of the exchange can use barter dollars with any other member and earn barter dollars from anyone. We take care of the accounting.

Buying using barter dollars is as easy as clicking on “Pay Now” in the app which pops up a one-time use QR code. When the seller scans the code the purchase is complete and you will receive a text receipt.

Selling is just as eary. Simply click on “Accept Payment,” enter the amount of the purchase and scan the buyer’s QR code. You will get an instant notification that the transaction is complete.

You have the option to pay for the remainder of an item with cash or your PDX Barter Exchange credit line (subject to approval). Your broker would also be happy to discuss a line of credit.

Additional charges, beyond the cost of the item being purchased, must be paid with cash or credit card, unless an arrangement is reached with the seller and included in the barter cost.

We’re here to make the exchange work for you! We’ll help find the business which carries what you are looking for and bring them on to the exchange. Remember, contacting your broker is as easy as selecting "contact your broker" from the account menu.

The members of the exchange have to be able to find what they need and have what others need. We curate the exchange to make certain the selection of businesses available is broad enough to satisfy everyone’s needs. We also make sure that there aren’t too many of a certain type of business to make sure we can steer as much business in our member’s direction as possible.

If your business is at total capacity and you can’t absorb any additional customers, barter may not be right for you.

Any items you purchase should cost the same amount in barter dollars as they do at retail cost. If you experience a discrepancy, please notify your broker.

Yes, the same as any other form of income. Barter PDX will track your barter and provide you with a 1099 for IRS purposes at the end of the year.